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a week of perfect days

Again, no posts this past week because we were having too much fun.  It was a week of perfect sunshine in the morning: in fact, Monday I was planning to ost an entry titled “a perfect day” after Ezekiel’s surf lesson, my surfing in the morning and finally getting up on a wave, a perfect dinner at a new restaurant, etc.  But then the day was too perfect to take the time to post, and then we had a succession of similar days after that.

Also, I fell down the stairs in the middle of the night and traumatized my back, which kept me from doing much more surfing (I rented a board again on Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday and Thursday I was in too much pain in my back to try surfin.  Today, Friday morning at 8:15am, and our last day here, I am sore tempted to rent a board all day, as I would have done all week if not for my back, but now that my back is feelign better I probably don’t want to risk another injury.  So I might rent a board for a couple hours, but at this point I doubt I’ll surf all day.

Plus Niki wants to pack up the house today, and I need to help her with that, plus we need to make some decisions about where we’re staying the next two nights and get LEGOland tickets, and we will want to get some family time on the beach and at the pool.  And what’s more, I am hoping to get a tattoo tonight (the people at the shop said it was better to get it after I planned to get any sun, so the last night of vacation, so today will be a busy vacation day.

I’ll aff to this post later: just wanted to get something down to mark that this was the last day of our month on the beach!


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