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glassy sea

Perfect glassy water on the Gulf: not a wave in sight.  There was a prediction of rain, but we got to the park at 10am and spent three hours+ at the beach today with the whole family.

We went in at the second access point (because at 10am, even with a yellow flag, we were  concerned that it would just be a “walking beach day”) but we found another peninsula that led right out to the sandbar and took the kids out no problem for what was probably the best beach day of our whole trip (so far?).

We took both kids out to the sandbar for the first hour or so and saw probably 15+ dolphins in little groups starting at about 11:15am (same time as the past two days).  I swam out as far as I could to try and have a “dolphin encounter” but Niki said it looked like the large group went out farther at that point to avoid me.

The pelicans were sitting on the water to rest today, it was so still. Perfect blue/green water, more yellow at the sandbar, perfect white sand as the seaweed was mostly washed off right now.

Ezekiel and I found probably 40-50 sand dollars on the sandbar – we could have brought home hundreds in two hours if we had tried – and I kept them in my pocket as he had on a speedo.  I’ll never forget the image of him in his goggles and his speedo diving for sand dollars in the shallow water of the sandbar today: he is turning into quite the little fish.

We went off for ourselves for awhile, but came back about 12:15 and Niki and Eden again joined us on the sandbar.  We saw some more dolphins about then, and I swam out again but not too far.

Eden got tired and wanted to go back, and I got out of the water (for the first time in 2 1/2 hours) to take the sand dollars out of my pockets, but Ezekiel and Niki stayed in the water, and eventually Eden wanted to get back in with them and spent the next 45 minutes playing with Ezekiel in the shallows, which Niki said was her favorite part of the trip.  Also, a moment that I will never forget, and the perfect snapshot of our vacation (though we didn’t get any pictures).  But I pray that this perfect day will forever remain stamped on my memory of the day that I experienced paradise with my family.


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