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golf cart fun

Ezekiel golf cart

I think today was the most fun yet!

Wednesday the water was even glassier than it was Tuesday.  We didn’t get to the beach until about 11am because we stopped two places to get Eden a floatation device, and the second place had exactly what we needed.  This time, the whole family went out to the sandbar – Niki and Eden, too – and it was truly paradise there for an hour while we all played together out on the glassy sea.  Uncle Micah showed up and he taught us how to find sand dollars on the sandbar with our toes, which Ezekiel did almost the rest of the time.  Micah and I tossed a football out on the sandbar for an hour while Ezekiel floated around looking for sand dollars, and Niki and Eden (who got tired of the water after the first hour) walked and down the beach playing in the surf.  Niki actually got back in the water again, though, on her own initiative, so I was proud of her: however, it was absolutely PERFECT so you would be silly not to appreciate it.

We came back to the house (Micah is doing his own thing) to give the kids lunch, and then Ezekiel and I went out on the golf cart.  He drove the golf cart (he drove for the first time back from The Pig last night) all over town for about 20 minutes, and I think had the most fun of anything he’s done so far.  We’re here for a couple more days, so I hope he’ll have the chance to drive some more and make a good memory of it before we go.

golf cart


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